How to Add YouTube Video to WordPress

How to add YouTube video to WordPress

In this tutorial we are going to see , How you can add a YouTube video to your WordPress website.

Steps you need to follow (with timestamp):
1) Choosing your video – 00:28
2) Adding the video to WordPress – 01:29

We’re going to add our YouTube video by following these two simple steps.
So, Let’s get started!

STEP 1: Choose a video you want to add

First , you need to go to: and then search for the video which you want to add to your website.

Select the video and copy the video URL. Once you copy it, you can go to the next step.

STEP 2: Add the video to your website

To add this video to your website, you need to paste the link in WordPress. You can add the video to any post or page.

Edit your post (or page) by keeping your cursor where you want to add the video and right click to paste.

Now you will get to see the video in your website.

– Now let’s see How to highlight a specific part of the video by adding start and end time

To add the start time, share the video and click embed. Enable the ‘start at’ option and enter start time.

Copy the updated code and paste it on the text tab of your post (or page). Now you will able to see the video from the start time.

To add end time to this video, copy video URL at that time and
paste the link on Notepad which will equate the time in seconds.

Go back to the edit post where next to the start time, type: ‘ ;(semicolon) E-N-D equals to ‘ and enter the same end time copied on the notepad.
Now you can only show a specific part of the video to your visitors.

– Adding to an Elementor page – 06:48

To add a video to a page which is built using Elementor, click edit with Elementor. Drag the video element and drop it on the ‘+’ icon of your layout and the video will be added to your page.
If you want to change this video, you can remove the default video link and enter your YouTube video link.

By enabling the video control options, you can set autoplay of the video as well.

That’s it guys! This is how you can add a YouTube video to your website.
Thank you.