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How to build a WordPress Website | Preparing your site for SEO

http://www.noisyegg.com This tutorial talks you through the initial set up of your website optimisation campaign. Subscribe for our free course now to learn …

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  2. Great points man, i actually added the video to my website. I knew the spun
    text wouldn’t last and this is why all the Guru’s are saying SEO is no
    more, it’s just because Google is finding them out faster then past years
    Keep up the great videos

  3. Nice vid Josh! I think its awesome how you keep on sharing our G hang-out.
    With how tons of people are sharing wrong info about SEO (whether they’re
    doing it intentionally or not), your videos definitely help straighten the
    wrong info out.

  4. Hey Josh, I just ran by your SEO video today. Theres a lot of great info!
    Will you be continuing these anytime soon? Thank you!

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