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How to Make a Business Website | COMPLETE WordPress Tutorial to Create Your Own!

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make your own professional business website, using the ever popular WordPress, step by step! Or we can setup and configure, free: http://www.emediacoach.com/fr…
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  1. Great video! Thanks I watched it start to finish because I need to setup a
    blog. Is your hostgator the recommended host? What is the discount

  2. Brilliant tutorial mate, Ive really loved it, learned so much of it !
    Could you please tell me, when I create some category and Im adding it to
    my menu, the page shows me “category archives” on top of the page, do you
    reckon why? Besides, black studio doesnt work, unfortunately, and java
    script code ether aint working, do idea why… do you av any suggestions
    how to carry these matters out ? Id be glad if you answer me sometime.
    Cheers mate and thank you very much one more time.

    ps. im using WP 3.8.3

  3. Brilliant tutorial dear…more days i am searching a good tutorial like
    this…. i created my first word press site by using this
    tutorial…. Thanks for the awesome tutorial and template.

  4. Hi,

    Awesome video! Welle done! However, my black studio tiny, even activated is
    not showing up in the widgets area!?

    What I can do? Please help.



  5. Great Video, Thank you. Will I be able to make a business website that
    will have a training page that will require a password for Member’s only?

  6. Hi
    I am having trouble with slide images on the meta slider appearing
    distorted. Some of the wording in the slide is not visible. Please advise
    how to overcome this.

  7. The best tutorial you will ever find, congrads to you mate, you are simply
    the best at teaching these tutorials, and i have seen a few, all i know now
    i owe to you! If i could donate, i would!!!!!

  8. Thank you very much. Really easy to follow and very informative. I just
    started learning WordPress and I consider myself lucky to find this video.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. sandeep padmanabhan

    I have installed the Black Studio Tiny MCE Widget. After i activate the
    plugin, it does not reflect under the widget menu. Kindly advice!

    Thanks & Regards

  10. I tried installing that black box widget, but in never showed up on the
    widgets screen. it shows to be active under plugins thou!

  11. This is a great tutorial! You couldn’t have made it any easier or clearer
    to create a business web site. Thank you!

  12. Fantastic video!! It saved me HOURS of trying to figure out all the little
    bits and pieces of getting a great looking WordPress business website
    online. Very simple & easy to follow…Thanks :)

  13. Great tutorial!! Only question is whether the highlighted blue color is the
    only color or it would be an upgrade.

  14. This is a very good tutorial, I was able to build a website immediately and
    feel like I know how to use WordPress

  15. It’s a great video! I have a question: what if I want to register my domain
    name with Hostgator instead of Namcheap, because I find the tranfer part a
    Little bit messy? Can I still use the template?

  16. Hi.
    I’d like to say -You created a Very Good Video!
    I wasted weeks-watching and trying to follow these other videos on creating
    a business website-and things didn’t work out-like they showed! You email
    and they don’t even respond! I’m still having problems-I’m trying to create
    service-business website.
    I have some questions, if you don’t mind(I’m still new at this)

    1) I’m trying to resize a photo I took-for the Meta slider- or my header-it
    seems like
    I can’t get the image right(I have a problem with the height-where I end up
    cutting off the bottom or top-I want the whole image to show-is there some
    trick to doing that?

    2) What information-should a person put on their home page-about me
    page-your service page-so it doesn’t look like your repeating your self?

    3)How do you create a payment page-make sure you get paid, after you
    perform the service, for the person?

    These are just some of the things-I’m still confused at.

    Thank you,

    Jim Rupeika

  17. Hi
    Absolutely loved this tutorial. Found it easy to follow for a very new
    ‘newbie’! I completed my website in the time it took to follow the
    tutorial – well the fun part was completed. I can now go and insert
    content and tweak it. I reviewed 5-6 tutorials by other sites and started
    working with them and spent 5 hours or so before I found this one. Thank
    you. I am so happy with the progress made and the overall outcome achieved
    so far. Would definitely recommend this tutorial.

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