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  1. יוגב רגב

    hey man, thanks for sharing this video.
    because the all wordpress thing is new to me i have 3 quastions:
    1. Will using PHP and MYSQL prevent me from using HTML CSS JS JQUERY or two
    options are open at the same time?
    2. What’s the downside of using a byehost server? Is there something I’m
    prevented from doing or put on my wordpress website?
    3. Is it possible to install the files without first create sub – domain as
    your example.? And whether this is something dynamic that can change later?

    thanks a lot

  2. Thanks very much for this tutorial. Very clear instructions made it very
    easy to follow, cheers!

  3. OS doesnt have anything to do with this, only the Byet host server what
    they support and so on.

  4. rollercoaster1111

    Upload your icon to your ftp server and then uploaded it to your current
    themes folder.

  5. I know that now thanks thou! i was just curious because he is you using an
    mac! anyway do you have a site? if You do PM me the link so i can check it

  6. everytime i try to enter the cp panel i need an username and an password i
    dunno what does are lol . went to byehost, created an account chose option
    to instal wordpress and now i try to enter the website cp pannel and i have
    to put the pass and the acc , what should i do?

  7. Thank you. Really helpful video. Was stuck before I saw this, but now I
    have a site up and running.

  8. what version of cyberduck you use?. because when i downloaded the latest
    version of cyberduck- it doesn’t work- because when i click connect then
    filled all the information needed- but i did not display like you did in
    this video

  9. Thanks for the video, it is very very helpful. By far the easiest tutorial
    to follow.

  10. Thanks a lot!Now i have my own site with a great theme,and i paid nothing
    for these. :*

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  12. Thanks a lot for the help!! Considering this video has received 294 views
    I’m surprised you haven’t had many comments. Really helpful. Thanks again!

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