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  1. UnleashedGraffixx

    Thank you so much for taking the time out to make this tutorial. This is
    exactly what I need for my client’s site.

  2. Doe this promotional slider only display graphics? Or is there a way you
    can add text to the image on the wordpress side like in the text box per
    image? Thank you very much!

  3. @GFXSource Camtasia for Mac. I chose it because of their 30 day trial which
    gave me a real chance to see if I liked it (and actually use the files I
    was testing instead of having some major watermark all over it).

  4. Highly recommend using Firebug with Firefox to debug styles. There may be
    something in your stylesheet preventing centering, so try using that to
    find out what the cause is.

  5. How do you upload banner ads to media library since the codes are either in
    JavaScript or HTML code?

  6. ourGitibIncorporated

    Thanks! great help bro. No worries your ramblings are fun and informative
    still. I’m the same and I find humor makes things a little bit lighter!

  7. dude awesome video. only promblem im having now is centering the freaking
    thing. any advice? thanks

  8. Hello, the tool don´t work at my site. i changed the permalink.. Now it
    doesnt work?! please hellp

  9. Thanks for the tutorial on using this slider. You made me giggle at the end
    with the extras and “I really need to stop rambling” Nice to hear some
    personality in the vide 🙂 THANKS!!

  10. @darkque3 you can’t… the media library is just for images, videos, PDFs,
    etc, not HTML code. You need to use a widget to use HTML or javascript.

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