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WordPress for Beginners – Step by Step Website Guide, Simple!

http://www.wphow2s.com/ for more In this easy to understand WordPress for beginners video tutorial, you’ll learn step-by-step, start-to-finish, how to make y…

This is part 4 of building a website with WordPress. In this final video we look at logging into WordPress for the first time as well as running through a qu…
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  1. I just need a one page site with a paypal clicky, I sell a specialized
    electronic device on Ebay and thought a .com would be a good compliment.
    What do you think about using Whois for domain and hosting? I kind of like
    their free website builder. Comments appreciated – Rick

  2. Learn how to make your own WordPress website, start to finish, step-by-step
    with my complete WordPress for Beginners tutorial! 99% of this video can be
    used for any WordPress theme, so have fun and make your own website!

  3. TubePlus chanel

    tank you so mush mrs.mike.
    i want to ask you :i have learn css3 and html5 and i dont know any thing
    about java script .
    what i need to learn to make some mony pleaz,,

  4. Graeme Cadogan

    Nice job mike.
    I did several courses on Dreamweaver and I still can’t build a fully
    working website. With your tutorial I rebuilt my sisters sight in roughly 7
    hours using this video step by step.

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    Thank you so much! I’m starting a small business and I have saved money by
    creating my own page with your video. I will like for my costumers to be
    able to see their prevoius order, this way they only have to edited, add,
    or delete a new item. Is this possible? : / Thank you!!

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  8. Thanks Mike I just watched the whole thing, now I’ll go back and take notes
    and try to be functional on web design for the first time ever!

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  10. Thanks! I tried to make this video a simple yet fairly complete
    step-by-step guide for WP, glad that you think so too. 🙂

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