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WordPress page navigation menu on thesis theme

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How to Add External Links to a WordPress Navigation Menu

This is a quick tutorial on how to add external links onto a WordPress Navigation Menu.

11 commenti su “WordPress page navigation menu on thesis theme”

  1. thank you so much! this was VERY helpful and EXACTLY what I needed! Have a
    great day!

  2. hi, I want to add links on the left menu Navigator , Could you please give
    me some advice

  3. OH 🙁 I am dissapointed.. When I search for EXTERNAL LINKS adding, it is
    because I want to make the ExternalLink open in new window
    (“target=_blank). Thanx for the video, but it may probably better be called
    just How To Add Links..:”

  4. @veritates that’s strange. It could be something within your theme that
    prohibits it.

  5. Beautiful! Exactly what I was looking for 🙂 I suggest you put the link in
    the description of this video, if possible

  6. A lot can depend on the theme you are using and there might be something
    else missing. Do you have a link?

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