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WordPress Tutorial | Properly Make A Website With WordPress | Step-By-Step Video Training

This WordPress Tutorial for beginners will show you A-Z step-by-step how to PROPERLY build a WordPress Website that is optimized correctly for visitors/customers and the search engines that…

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  1. Very interesting and inspiring. I will definitely use as a reference when I
    am ready to put my new blogging site out on the web

  2. Hi James, need your help. I went thru your tutorial, and did a QuickInstall
    of WordPress. I followed your steps, and was up to creating a theme. I
    selected a theme, and entered some information (i.e. name & contact
    information). Then later, I think I clicked a setting for “public viewing”.
    Previously the setting was like “draft” or “private
    The next day, as I was to continue my editing for the website via
    WordPress, I could no longer log-in. The message I get is “Cannot modify
    I can see the website (domain), but I cannot edit it anymore. My
    impression is that that I got locked-out of my website. So how can I
    log-in to WordPress to continue and edit my website. My website is far from
    done. Thanks in advance for your help/tip!

  3. GREAT video! Answered most all of my concerns and then some. Will def.
    review when comes time to put my website together. Have also signed up to
    your website so hoping to get more valuable information and guidance there
    too. Thank you!

  4. Thanks James. Just setting up my first WP website. The step-by-step
    instruction video is exactly what I needed.

  5. You are a wp Guru. I am setting up my first blog following your
    instructions. Thank you from Sweden 

  6. thank you so much this video is giving me all the behind the scenes info i
    need, going to sign up to your website now!!
    totally awesome thx again

  7. Great Infor but is it NOT for a beginner at all, I have to learn a lot m
    including wordpress then come back here to use the infor

  8. Hi – does anyone know how to migrate a website from .com to org or have any
    useful links? Thank you

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  10. Hi just wondering when i attempt to change the theme it asks me for my FTP
    password and wont allow me to change it…. any chance you can help

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