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WordPress Tutorial | Step-by-Step | WordPress For Beginners – 75 bite size videos & More

Wordpress Tutorial | Step-by-Step | WordPress For Beginners - 75 bite size videos & More

Need a complete step by step walk through of every single aspect of WordPress! Go here Now: http://websitesmadeeasy.tv/recomends/WordPressTutorials This vide…
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Wordpress Template Programming - Part 1

www.pixelforlife.com This is the beginning of a WordPress template programming series. What sets this apart from other tutorials, is that you get to see it f…
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  1. If you go to that site now, you’ll see that it’s been hacked, and a
    replacement page has been added with a message from the hackers.

    They even added music.

  2. Nice job James. I will subscribe to your site, look at the WP training and
    if I had any doubt I’ll be contacting you. Thanks a lot, Roberto

  3. Six minutes into the step by step tutorial and I have learned nothing other
    than you really want me to use my best email address when loggging into
    your website so I can watch other videos that I assume also don’t actually
    tell me how to do anything. I’d be way more inclined to actually sign up
    for your service if at any time in the six minutes you said anything at all
    about how to actually do anything in wordpress instead of it just being a
    really long commercial for your other videos.

  4. Thanks! I am simply trying to illustrate the bigger picture with this
    video. In my experience working with business owners etc.. It seems to be a
    running theme that just having a website is all that is needed to have an
    active or effective web presence.. This may be the case for some however..
    Driving traffic to your site and having an active engaging site that people
    can share with business contacts, friends, family is ultimately the end
    goal of having a WordPress site..

  5. Your step by step video tutorial is absolutely great! I mean this covers
    all the things that those who are still newbies need to know. How
    unfortunate am I that I did not find a video like this when I was still
    starting out before. Lol. Anyway, I commend you for a job well done in this

  6. Jessica Cervonaro

    question for you james 🙂 whats the difference with paying for your domain
    name through the website you suggested ‘HostGator’ and through wordpress
    itself. Theres a huge difference in price, WordPress is $18 a year where as
    HostGator is $8 a month. Thanks

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  9. i need wordpress tutorials for change layout and edit code and modify
    myself….anybody help me?

  10. Can you do a tutorial on designing the wordpress theme from scratch in
    photoshop just the basic please thank you

  11. Interesting Video on WordPress Templates. Why would you choose to build
    your own template when there are so many great packages out now?

  12. Hi, I’m having trouble editing the .php file for WordPress (I’m trying to
    create a theme). I’ve tried both Coda and Dreamweaver CS4 to do this but
    the files are all locked and displays the files as “read-only.” I’m
    guessing it’s a problem with my MAMP. I believe I granted all access to
    myself as it is indicated in the “Priveleges” Any tips? I’ve been running
    in circles searching for this on the web. =/ Best regards!

  13. Sorry!!! Unable to read anything on this video. Can you make this better.
    Make sure to check this out yourself. When you fix this let me know.

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  16. All you have to do should be either don’t have a poor video tutorial that
    is blurred or do it again Sam in hd. I do appreciate your generosity to

  17. So glad I subscribed, WordPress is the main development platform for pretty
    much all sites I create now. I enjoy watching other designers go through
    their process! =) Can’t wait for the rest of the series. (b-_-)b

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    design? We do have a wordpress designing tutorial, you can view it here:

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